KUSHI by Reif

KUSHI by Reif is a new concept following in the footsteps of its older sibling, REIF Japanese Kushiyaki which opened in August last year at the Dar Al Wasl Mall in Jumeirah. 

KUSHI features a smaller and more compact menu of Japanese Soul Food. There is dessert counter which includes 14 desserts with a Japanese twist including the distinctive Reif Roll.

In addition to Reif’s signature Japanese spin on classic comfort cakes, the restaurant introduces a menu featuring signature sandos, ramens, donburis (rice bowls topped with various proteins) and kushiyaki (grilled skewers).

KUSHI By Reif was born as a response to a requirement for a ‘bite-sized’ outlet for REIF Japanese Kushiyaki.

‘Kushi’ is simply the Japanese for ‘skewer’. And quite literally the smaller version of ‘Kushiyaki’.

Japanese Soul Food