About REIF

REIF offers beautifully unconventional Japanese cuisine. A new, edgy and affordable version of kushiyaki – the freshly-grilled, skewered meats inspired by Japanese robata restaurants.

REIF is a family-style, home-grown neighborhood restaurant that combines the highest level of service (delivered personally by the chefs themselves); meticulously chosen, quality ingredients and signature mocktails all served in a serenely designed and welcoming interior.

The food menu, created by Chef Reif Othman, is devoted to the many different parts of the chicken – neck to tail.

In addition to kushiyaki, REIF also features a special daily menu and an exclusive ‘experience’ chef’s table menu, separate to the a la carte. A centered open kitchen gives you the chance to see the creation of these unique dishes. A way to also connect with the chefs and all the excitement behind their passion.

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